The LBUM has a high-technology infrastructure in medical imaging dedicated to research in animals and humans. This platform, coupled with ultra-modern facilities at CHUM Research Centre for Clinical Research, at the animal facility, with the CRCHUM's service platforms and its qualified staff research expertise, create opportunities for research, learning and innovation for researchers and students.

The LBUM notably has access to an MRI 3 Tesla (Siemens), an angiography unit ARTIS Q (Siemens) and a Conebeam CT (SiTech). All these facilities are operated by medical imaging technologists and specialized research technicians to ensure efficiency and quality of radiographic examinations.

Furthermore, le LBUM has many Ultrasounds systèmes and other équipements:

  • Échographes :
    • Verasonics V1 4boards, 2 boards : Research ultrasonic imager with ARFI.

    • ORS, système de traitement d’images médical pour segmentation et élastographie vasculaire.

    • Ultrasonix, SonixTouch , Sonix-DAQ and SonixRP: clinical and research imager, probes L14-5 et C5-2.

    • SupersonicImagine Aixplorer : Clinical and research ultrasonic imaging with probes SL15-4 SC6-1.

    • VisualSonics Vevo660 et Vevo770 : 3 ultrasonic imagers for small animals, probes 604, 608, 703, 710.

    • Terason, T3000 : Clinical and research ultrasonic imager portable with a probe L12-5.

    • Clinical and research ultrasonic imager, General Electric, model Vivid 5: probes FPA 3.5 MHz, FPA 10 MHz, CLA 3.5 MHz.

    • Clinical ultrasonic imager, Philips, model ATL-Ultramark 9 HDI: probes P3-2, C4-2, L 10-5 38 mm.

    • IVUS, Boston Scientific, model ILAB 40 MHz.

    • IVUS ACIST : Clinical and research endovascular imager with probes 40 – 60 MHz.

    • IVUS, Volcano Therapeutics, model Endosonic with radio frequency recording device 10, 20 et 40 MHz.

    • Robot arm for 3D ultrasound exams: thermoCRS, model F3 robot arm.

  • Other laboratory supply and services :

    • Endothelial function measuring system: Living system.

    • Système de mesure laser du taux d`oxygénation tissulaire : Perimed.

    • Hard specimen histology system: exakt

    • Fluorescence microscope: Zeiss, model Axiotech Vario.

    • Inverted microscope: Nikon , model TS100.

    • Stereomicroscope: Leica, model MZ9.5

    • High speed camera: Dalsa, model 1m150

    • Laser erythro-agregametre: Regulest, Affibio erythro agregametre.

    • Rheometre: Brookfield model DVIII.

    • Rhéomètre Anton Paar MCR301.

    • TA Electroforce 3200 : rhéometre et testeur de fatigue.

    • Incubateurs : modèle 3504, température contrôlée de 1 à 70 degrés.

    • Dispositifs d’écoulement de Couette pour études rhéologiques.

    • Service d’animalerie pour petits et gros animaux.